5 Popular Australian Beers You Need to Try

Last update: 2023-09-03

Australia is known for producing some fantastic beers. With a rich history of brewing dating back to the country's early colonial days, Aussies have perfected the craft of brewing crisp, refreshing lagers as well as big, bold ales.

If you're visiting Australia or just want to sample some of the country's best beers, here are 5 popular Australian beers that you need to try:

1. Victoria Bitter

5 Popular Australian Beers You Need to TryImage caption: victoriabitter.comWho: Victoria Bitter (affectionately called VB by Aussies) is a lager produced by the Carlton & United Breweries company. With 4.9% alcohol by volume, it's a full-strength and full-flavored beer.

What: VB is one of Australia's most iconic and widely available beers. It has a pale golden color with a slight haze and a medium body. The flavor profile is crisp and refreshing, with bready malt flavors and moderate hop bitterness.

When: VB was first brewed in Victoria in 1854, making it one of Australia's oldest continual beer brands. It really took off in popularity after World War 2 and is now one of the top selling beers in the country.

How to Try: Order a VB at any pub or bottle shop in Australia for an authentic experience. It's widely available on tap and in stubbies (small bottles). VB goes great with classic Aussie pub fare like burgers or fish and chips.

Pros: Easy-drinking lager flavor, refreshing, iconic brand, very accessible

Cons: Maybe a bit basic for some craft beer fans

Alternatives: If you want something a bit more craft, try Victoria Bitter's sibling Victoria Pale Ale, brewed by the same company but with a hoppier taste.

2. Coopers Pale Ale