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Accessories For Beer Drinkers

Last update: 2024-05-05

Beer drinking is a beloved pastime for many people around the world. While the beverage itself is the main attraction, there are a variety of useful accessories that can enhance the beer drinking experience. In this article, we will explore some of the top accessories for beer enthusiasts. From practical items like glassware and openers to fun gadgets like mini fridges and signs, there is something for every type of beer lover.


Having the proper glassware can make a big difference when drinking beer. The shape, size and material of a beer glass impact the look, aroma, taste and mouthfeel of the beer. Here are some top choices:

Pint Glasses

The pint glass is the most common and versatile beer glass. These glasses typically hold 16 ounces and have a thick, sturdy base and straight sides that slope slightly outward towards the rim. Pint glasses are great for a wide variety of beer styles, from IPAs to stouts. They allow you to appreciate the color and clarity of the beer. The thick rim also makes for a good mouthfeel.

Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner Glasses

Tall, slender and elegant, pilsner glasses are ideal for delicate beers like pilsners and lagers. The narrow shape helps maintain carbonation by limiting surface area exposure. The tapered rim also directs flow to the front of the palate, highlighting the crisp, clean flavors. Pilsner glasses make an excellent choice for IPAs as well. The shape highlights aromatics.

Tulip Glasses

For more complex beers like Belgian ales, tulip glasses are a great option. The glass flares outwards from a narrow base, creating a chalice-like shape. This amplifies aromas while the sloped rim funnels the beer towards the front of the tongue, enhancing flavor. The bowl shape also aids in head retention.

Beer Openers

Opening a beer bottle requires some type of opener. Here are some of the most popular options:

Waiter's Corkscrew

This dual-purpose tool features a knife for removing foil, a corkscrew for wine bottles and a flat blade for prying off beer caps. It's a compact all-in-one solution. Just keep one handy in your kitchen drawer.

Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener

Sometimes simple is best. Basic bottle openers consist of a circular end that fits under the cap's edge and a handle for levering it off. Affix one to your keychain or fridge so it's always accessible when you need it.

Wall-Mounted Openers

Free up table space and keep your opener always at the ready by installing a wall-mounted model. Sturdy cast iron versions featuring a bolt to affix to the wall are classic. Modern options include magnetic openers. Just grab and open!

Beer Storage

Proper beer storage helps maintain flavor and carbonation. Here are some handy beer storage solutions:


Standard kitchen refrigerators work well for short term beer storage. Place bottles towards the back where temperatures are coldest. Use a thermometer to monitor so beers don't freeze. Upgrade to a beer refrigerator if you want serious chilling capabilities.

Cooler Totes

Cool off with a bottle of ice and soda

Insulated carrier bags make transporting beer a breeze. Styles range from basic vinyl coolers to luxurious leather craftsman versions. Grab one in your favorite style and take your brews on the go! Just add ice to keep beers frosty for hours.

Beverage Tubs

Beverage tubs provide easy beer access when entertaining. Galvanized metal tubs maintain chill while being rust resistant. Plastic versions are budget-friendly. Fill with ice and add your beers of choice. Place a tub on the patio, by the pool or next to the game set up.


Having the right barware on hand makes home bartending smooth. Here are some barware essentials:

Bottle Openers & Pour Spouts

Bottle opener opening bottle of soda

A quality bottle opener and coordinated pour spouts will elevate presentation. Opt for stainless steel versions for durability. Etched, plated and hammered metals provide pleasing visual interest.

Cocktail Shaker

A quality cocktail shaker creates an impressive show while efficiently blending drinks. Stainless steel models with cap, built-in strainer and measurement markings are ideal. Select a three-piececobbler or two-piece Boston style based on preference.


A jigger ensures accurate 1 oz and 1/2 oz pours for consistent cocktails. Stainless steel with adjustable sides allows flexibility. Clean, minimal etching adds subtle flair. Weighted bases provide balanced feel when measuring.


Black matte steel cocktail mixer on blackboard. Shaker, wine opener, spoon, strainer, muddler and jigger with wooden manual juicer.

Muddlers are essential for mashing fruits, herbs and spices to release oils, juices and flavors. Opt for a length between 6-8 inches. A flat disk or pestle shaped end presses ingredients without bruising. Walnut wood lends pleasing aromatics.

Beverage Tub

Tubs keep all tools organized and a filled ice bath preserves chill. Durable galvanized metal withstands heavy use. For easy cleaning, choose BPA-free plastic models. Hammered metals or wood finishes complement bar decor. Keep one stocked within reach!

Home Taps

Installing taps offers convenience and aesthetic appeal. Here are some top options:

Beer Taps

USA, New York State, New York City, Empty bar

Instant draft beer access - what could be better! Brass tap handles mounted to your counter or bar top keep favorite brews close at hand. Set-ups range from independent towers to multiple beer and wine taps.

Soda Taps

Vintage style soda taps bring diner appeal straight to your kitchen. Serve up sparkling sodas, fresh juices or cold brew coffee. Individual taps mount to your counter or wall. Multi-tap towers create a true soda fountain.


When it comes to quality beer drinking, the beverage itself takes center stage. But the accessories and gadgets you use can elevate the entire experience. From the first satisfying pop of a bottle cap to the last sip from a monogrammed glass, accessories enhance enjoyment. Whether you're a casual drinker or serious enthusiast, surround yourself with tools that amplify beer's aromas, flavors, presentation and ambiance.

With this wide selection of accessories, beer lovers can craft a space for imbibing that is uniquely their own. The right gear reflects personal tastes and adds fun to sharing good brews with friends. So raise a glass - here's to great beer and the accessories that make it even better!

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