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Wedding Gifts For Beer Lovers

Last update: 2023-11-13

Wedding season is here, and so is the stress of finding the perfect wedding gift for your beer-loving friends or family members. As a thoughtful gift giver, you want to get them something unique and useful. At the same time, you don't want to get them just another bottle of beer or generic gift card.

Finding wedding gifts for beer lovers that show you put some thought into it can be a challenge. Here is an overview on gifts that any craft beer enthusiast would appreciate.

Homebrewing Equipment

For a beer lover who likes to homebrew, equipment and ingredients make excellent wedding presents. A beginner's homebrewing kit contains all the essentials to start brewing basic ales. More advanced kits feature items to brew lagers, higher gravity beers, and all-grain batches. Other homebrewing gift ideas include:

Brew craft beer in the kitchen. Concept image of home brewing beer.
  • 5-10 gallon brew kettle
  • Wort chiller
  • Carboy
  • Bottling bucket and accessories
  • Kegging system
  • Ingredient kits to brew their favorite styles
  • Yeast starters, vials, and other fermentation tools
  • Books on homebrewing techniques

With the right gear, you can help the couple craft homemade beer for their wedded bliss.

Beer Glassware

Wedding registry staples like glassware and barware take on a whole new meaning for beer geeks. Instead of standard pint glasses, give them glasses designed for particular styles. Options include:

  • IPA glass
  • Stout glass
  • Pilsner glass
  • Goblet or chalice
  • Tulip glass
  • Tasting flight
  • Beer growler or howler
  • Special edition glass from their favorite brewery

With the perfect glass for each brew, the couple can fully appreciate the aromas and flavors.

Beer Club Subscription

For ongoing beer discoveries, sign the newlyweds up for a beer club. Options like Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club and Craft Beer Club deliver curated selections from top craft breweries across the country or world.

riotous drinking party in public bar

The couple gets to sample and learn about new beers and styles each month. Continuing the membership extends the gift over time.

Brewery Tour or Tasting

Check for local craft breweries offering tours, tastings, classes or events. Giving tickets or gift certificates for a brewery experience makes a fun wedding gift.

Some ideas include:

  • Brewery tasting flight or beer dinner
  • Introductory homebrewing class
  • Behind the scenes brewery tour
  • Multi-brewery tasting passport
  • Invitation to a special beer release or tasting event
  • Design your own beer experience

Immerse the beer aficionado in their passion at a nearby brewhouse.

Books on Beer

Expand the couple's beer knowledge with books covering homebrew recipes, tasting guides, food pairings and more. Some top titles to consider are:

Beer recipe
  • The Complete Beer Course by Joshua Bernstein
  • Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher
  • The Beer Bible by Jeff Alworth
  • Brooklyn Brew Shop's Beer Making Book by Erica Shea and Stephen Valand
  • Classic Beer Style Series books by Brewers Publications

Reference books make it easy for them to expand their horizons.

Pros of Giving Wedding Gifts for Beer Lovers

Giving a beer-themed wedding gift has many advantages:

Cold Bottles of Various Drinks in The Ice Bucket
  • Shows you put thought into a gift tailored to their interests
  • Provides wedding essentials with a unique twist
  • Introduces the couple to new beers, breweries and tasting experiences
  • Supplies equipment for a shared hobby like homebrewing
  • Allows ongoing discoveries through a beer club membership
  • Gives wedding keepsakes commemorating their love of beer
  • Fosters beer education through books, classes and tours
  • Enhances their enjoyment of beer with proper glassware
  • Encourages quality time together appreciating great beer

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While beer gifts make sense for many couples, be aware of a few potential drawbacks:

  • Avoid beer if one or both partners are in recovery for alcohol abuse
  • Don't give alcohol if there are religious reasons the couple abstains
  • Homebrewing requires space and a serious time commitment
  • Beer glasses and growlers may duplicate registry selections
  • Tours and tastings may be logistically challenging for destination weddings
  • Club memberships could become an unwanted financial burden over time
  • Books go unread if they aren't interested in beer education

Think about what the couple needs and wants to determine if a beer gift suits them.

Tips for Giving Memorable Gifts to Beer Enthusiasts

Here are some extra tips to make your wedding gift stand out:

Dark beer in a bottle, croutons, pistachios, smoked cheese in a wooden box. Gift for beer fans
  • Splurge on rare, limited edition beers they won't buy themselves.
  • Have glassware professionally engraved with their names or wedding date.
  • Give a homebrew kit with custom labels designed for their wedding beer.
  • Include locally made gifts from small businesses in their city.
  • Present their first club beer shipment as part of the gift reveal.
  • Book a private brewery tour or tasting on a meaningful date.
  • Upgrade their home bar with taps, coasters, signs and accessories.
  • Pair edible treats like beer nuts, pretzels, or chocolates.
  • Add a heartfelt, handwritten card explaining why you chose each gift.
  • Research vintages from the year they met or wed for a touching surprise.
  • Wrap gifts creatively in beer carrier boxes, growlers, or six pack holders.
  • Help stock their cellar with rare vintages to age over time.
  • Give "I brew" and "I taste" newlywed aprons for their married life.

With a personalized touch, your beer gift will hold special significance for the newlyweds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good wedding registry gifts for beer drinkers?

Great registry gifts include beer glasses, growlers, bottle openers, taps, coasters, signs, brewing equipment, and books on brewing or tasting styles.

Should you give a couple alcohol as a wedding gift?

Alcohol makes a good gift for enthusiasts if enjoyed responsibly, but avoid it if there are addiction issues or religious reasons not to drink.

What are fun wedding gifts for beer geeks?

Fun gifts range from homebrew kits, club memberships, brewery tours, custom glassware, vintage bottles, pub games, and beer-related apparel.

Is beer gear useful for non-beer drinkers?

Beer glasses may still get use for water, cocktail glasses for mixed drinks, and growlers for taking picnic beverages places. But specialized brewing equipment is not as useful.

What if I don't know the couple's taste in beer?

A gift card to a homebrew shop, tasting room, or online craft beer retailer lets them choose options aligned with their tastes.


Wedding gift giving made simple! When tailored to the couple's tastes, beer gifts show how well you know their passions. Homebrew equipment, brewery tours, club memberships, glassware, and beer education give newlyweds quality time together appreciating great brews for years to come. Garnish your gift with personal touches to delight the beer enthusiast in your life.

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