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Types Of Beer Drinkers

Last update: 2023-11-15

Beer drinking is a popular pastime around the world, enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. While beer fans may share a love of the beverage, their tastes, preferences and drinking habits can vary greatly. Looking at the broad spectrum of beer drinkers, several distinct types emerge.

The Connoisseur

The beer connoisseur takes beer drinking to an art form. This person appreciates the wide range of beer styles and flavors. They can give detailed opinions on the aroma, taste, color and mouthfeel of any beer. The connoisseur strives to try new and rare beers, keeps detailed tasting notes, and has strong opinions on brewing methods or ingredients. Breweries and bottle shops depend on connoisseurs as devoted supporters.

Sub Heading: Traits of a Beer Connoisseur

Connoisseurs exhibit several classic traits:

  • Have an encyclopedic beer knowledge
  • Appreciate subtle flavors
  • Willing to pay more for quality
  • Interested in beer history and brewing methods
    That good looking beer

Sub Heading: Drawbacks of Connoisseur Culture

However, the connoisseur's refined tastes have some drawbacks:

  • Can seem intimidating or pretentious to casual drinkers
  • May look down on mass market brands
  • Tend to favor complex, higher alcohol beers

The Social Drinker

For many people, beer is integral to social gatherings. The social beer drinker values the bonding and community that comes from sharing a few beers with friends. They're interested in talking, laughing, and creating memories over drinks. Brand loyalty or beer styles are less important than the social atmosphere.

Group of friends drinking and toasting beer at beer pub restaurant - Happy mixed-race people enjoying pint happy hour sitting at bar table - Youth Food and drink lifestyle concept

Social drinkers keep craft breweries in business and pack the crowds at bars and brewpubs. They love places with a lively, vibrant scene where they can mingle and meet new people while enjoying a few pints. Many people find their closest friends and partners while out social drinking.

The Brewer

Some beer aficionados take their passion to the next level by brewing their own beer at home. Homebrewing allows creative beer geeks to experiment with recipes and ingredients to make their ideal brews. The process requires some investment in equipment and ingredients, but many find it is an engrossing and satisfying hobby.

Modern beer maker pours fresh beer into glasses at the factory

Many professional brewmasters get their start homebrewing on a small scale. The do-it-yourself approach allows them to refine their skills and develop unique beer styles before bringing them to market. Homebrewers take pride in controlling every aspect of the process from mash to fermentation to bottling.

The Weekend Warrior

Unlike daily drinkers, weekend warriors mainly restrict their beer consumption to Friday and Saturday nights. They view beer as synonymous with cutting loose and having fun after a hard week of work. Come Sunday, the weekend warrior is focused on recovery and Ready for Monday morning.

For weekend warriors, beer is tied to their sense of freedom and escapism on days off. They'll meet up with friends at bars, clubs, or house parties and drink well into the night. Some may overdo it and drink irresponsibly, leading to drunken antics, hangovers, and regrettable decisions. Moderation is not always their strength.

The Budget Drinker

For many beer lovers, cost is a major factor in their choices. Beer budgets range from splurging on rare releases to sticking to the 30 racks of mass market lagers. Budget drinkers buy cheaper brands so they can maximize their drinking experience.

Germany, Munich, Traditional beer mugs, close up

Many budget drinkers loyally support brands like Pabst Blue Ribbon. While it may lack stylistic complexity, PBR's smooth drinkability keeps its price point low. Costco's Kirkland brand also appeals to drinkers who appreciate value. Budget drinkers may be students, seniors on fixed incomes, or anyone for whom cost takes priority over craft credentials.


The top-selling beer styles are light American-style lagers, IPAs, stouts, and wheat beers. Mass market lager brands like Bud Light and Coors Light dominate U.S. sales. Among craft beers, hazy IPAs and fruited sours have surged in popularity.

What U.S. city drinks the most beer?

The U.S. city with the highest per-capita beer consumption is Milwaukee, famous for its brewing heritage. Other top beer-drinking cities include St. Louis, Denver, San Francisco, Portland, and Minneapolis.

How is beer consumption changing?

Overall U.S. beer consumption has declined, while craft beer and imports gain market share. Consumers are drinking less per sitting, but drinking higher quality beer more frequently. Canned and low-alcohol beer sales are increasing.

What are beer flight boards?

Beer flight boards allow patrons to sample 4-5 different beer styles in 3-5 oz pours. It's a way for bars to showcase their selection so drinkers can discover new flavors. Flight boards have become popular at breweries and gastropubs.

What percentage of Americans prefer beer?

About 41% of Americans name beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage. By comparison, 31% prefer wine and 23% name liquor as their top drink. Men favor beer over women by significant margin.


Clearly, beer appeals to drinkers across all backgrounds and interests. Preferences vary from sipping sour ales to downing light lagers at tailgates. The styles, drinking habits, and motivations of beer fans are incredibly diverse. But one thing that unites all types of beer aficionados is their passion for this legendary beverage and its rich culture. Whether beer is a hobby, social outlet, or weekend reward, it brings people together and enhances lives all over the world.

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