Mixed Drinks Made with Beer

Last update: 2023-09-03

Beer is a versatile drink that can be used to create a variety of delicious mixed drinks. Here are some ideas for mixed drinks made with beer and tips for making them.

Some popular mixed drinks made with beer include:

Beer and Lemonade or Shandy

  • A simple combination of beer and lemonade, the Shandy is refreshing and easy to make. Try using an American lager or wheat beer.Beer lemonade in a glass with freshly cut orange, ice and paper straws
  • For a beer shandy, mix a light beer with equal parts lemon-lime soda. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


  • A Mexican beer cocktail made with beer, lime juice, spices, tomato juice or Clamato, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. It's savory, spicy and refreshing.
  • Use a Mexican lager like Corona and rim the glass with a chili-salt blend. Add fresh lime juice, Worcestershire, hot sauce and tomato juice over ice.

Black and Tan

  • Layer a pale ale with a stout or porter to make this classic bar drink. The contrast between the light and dark beers looks stunning.pint of stout on a table in a gastro pub london england united kingdom uk
  • Slowly pour the stout over the back of a spoon into the pale ale to prevent mixing.

Beer Margarita

  • For a fun twist, use beer instead of tequila in a margarita. The citrus and salt pairs well with light beers.
  • Mix together lime juice, orange liqueur and American lager. Pour over ice and salt the rim.

Irish Car Bomb

  • A shot of Irish cream and whiskey dropped into Irish stout. The cream curdles in the beer forming a rich, alcoholic drink.
  • Pour the shot glasses into the center of the beer and chug! Use Irish Cream, Irish Whiskey and Irish Stout.


  • An English pub classic - mix cider with lager for a refreshing, fruity and fizzy combo. Play with ratios to suit your taste.Bottles of fruit beer with splash around on green background.
  • Mix half cider and half lager over ice. Add a squeeze of lime.

Beer Cocktail

  • For a fun fusion, make classic cocktails with beer instead of base spirits. Try beer sours, beer old fashioneds or beer cosmos.
  • Substitute spirits with beer 1:1 in cocktail recipes. Adjust sweetness as beer isn't as sweet as liqueurs.

Tips for Mixing Drinks with Beer

Here are some tips to follow when making mixed drinks with beer:Miami Beach Florida,Ocean Drive,restaurant restaurants food dining cafe cafes,food display sale drink drinks,beer,fruit

  • Use quality ingredients - Good beer and fresh mixers make a big difference. Splurge on craft beers or imports.
  • Pick complementary flavors - Citrus, berry and ginger mixes well with wheat beers. Spicy and savory flavors pair with lagers. Avoid sweet sodas with bitter IPAs.
  • Adjust carbonation - Fizzy soda may over-carbonate drinks. Let them sit before serving or use flatter beer styles.
  • Mind the order - To retain carbonation, add spirit/liqueur shots to beer rather than pouring beer into spirits.
  • Use proper glassware - Serve in tall, chilled glasses like pints, beer mugs or highball glasses. Salt the rim for micheladas or margaritas.
  • Garnish with care - Lime, lemon or orange wheels work best. Skip leafy herbs which wilt in beer. Cherries or olives tend to overpower.
  • Adjust ratios to taste - The ideal beer to mixer ratio depends on the flavors. Start with 1:1 ratios then adjust based on your preferences.
  • Skip bottom shelf beers - Use quality beers you enjoy drinking on their own. Aim for craft beers, imports or microbrews with more complex flavors.

The Appeal of Mixed Drinks with Beer

Michelada beer with tomato juice. Clamato with beer on wooden table. Mexican drink.There are several reasons why mixed drinks made with beer have become so popular:

  • Versatility - Beer mixes well with an endless variety of flavors from fruits to spices. The possibilities for inventive combinations are endless.
  • Layered flavors - Blending beer with other ingredients creates drinks with more nuanced, complex tastes. The mixer complements the beer.
  • Lighter alcohol content - Substituting some beer for harder liquors yields a less alcoholic, more sessionable drink. Great for daytime imbibing.
  • Thirst quenching - The effervescence and crispness of beer makes these drinks extra refreshing. A perfect patio or summer cocktail.
  • Fun creativity - It allows drinkers to play with flavors and get creative with blending beers. Trying unique combinations is part of the appeal.
  • Versatile for venues - Beer cocktails work well in any setting from backyard BBQs to upscale lounges. Both casual and sophisticated.

So don't limit beer to just drinking on its own. Utilize beer's delicious flavor profile to craft interesting new combinations. With the right recipes, beer makes an amazing cocktail mixer.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Mixed Drinks with Beer

  1. What's the best beer to use for Micheladas?

Micheladas traditionally use a Mexican lager like Corona, Modelo, or Pacifico. The light, crisp flavor blends well with the spicy tomato juice and savory Worcestershire and hot sauces.

  1. Can I make a Snakebite with any kind of beer and cider?

Yes, you can mix and match different styles. A wheat beer and apple cider make a nice combo. Use a 50/50 ratio then tweak to your taste preferences.

  1. Is it okay to use light beer in mixed drinks?

Absolutely. Light beer works very well in many mixed beer drinks and cuts down on calories. Go for a good quality light beer with decent flavor.

  1. How long do beer cocktails keep their carbonation?

Carbonation dissipates fairly quickly - drink most beer cocktails immediately after assembling for maximum fizz. The alcohol also helps bubbles fade faster.

  1. What's the difference between a Shandy and a Radler?

Traditionally, Shandies use lemonade while Radlers use soda water. They're essentially the same mix of beer with a lemon-lime mixer. Regional names vary.


Beer cocktails open up a whole new realm of possibilities for creative mixes that utilize beer's crisp, refreshing qualities. The next time you want to enjoy beer in a new way, try one of the many mixed drink options like a Michelada, Black and Tan or Beer Margarita. With the right combination of quality beer and complementary flavors, you can produce innovative drinks that offer complex new flavors. So don't reserve beer only for drinking on its own - mix it up into tasty cocktails!

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