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Best Snacks To Have With Beer

Last update: 2024-06-22


Pretzels are classic pub snacks that pair very well with beer. The combination of the salty exterior and soft interior complements the bitter hoppiness of IPAs. Look for large soft pretzels that can be torn into bites. Serve with a variety of mustards for dipping. The sharp tang of the mustard balances the maltiness of beers like amber ales and bocks.



Nuts make great beer snacks because of their crunch and saltiness. Try serving mixed nuts or beer nuts seasoned with spices. The variety of flavors and textures pairs nicely with malty beers like stouts and porters. Peanuts and pistachios also make good options. Their earthy flavors match well with nutty brown ales.

Whole Shelled Organic Mixed Nuts with Walnuts Almonds Pecans and Filberts


Charcuterie boards full of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and crackers make a hearty snack option with beer. Salami, prosciutto, and chorizo provide a nice salty contrast to fruity beers like witbiers and wheat beers. The varied textures and flavors allow them to pair with a wide range of beer styles. Serve charcuterie with sturdy crackers or slices of crusty bread.

Charcuterie board - A platter of ham & bacon slices with pickles on a wooden board

Soft Cheeses

Soft, spreadable cheeses like brie and goat cheese are delicious paired with beer. Try spreading brie or herbed goat cheese onto baguette slices or water crackers. Their creamy textures and tangy flavors complement malty beers, especially Belgian styles like dubbels and tripels. The simple preparation also allows the beer flavors to shine through.

Selection Of Soft Cheeses Viewed From Above

French Fries

You can never go wrong with a side of french fries! Their starchy goodness soaks up beer perfectly. Opt for thick cut fries with the skin still on and serve with an array of dipping sauces like ketchup, spicy aioli, or cheese sauce. The classic pairing works well with most beer styles, from light lagers to robust stouts. Fries hold up especially nicely against hop-forward IPAs.

French fries on wooden table

Beer Snack Menu 1

  • Soft pretzels with brown mustard and beer cheese dip
  • Peanuts and pistachios
  • Assorted cured meats and cheeses
  • Kettle cooked potato chips
  • Thick cut french fries with malt vinegar mayo

This menu provides a variety of salty, crunchy beer snacks. The pretzels, nuts, chips, and fries all work well with malty lagers and ales. The charcuterie adds nice protein and fat to help balance IPAs.

Beer Snack Menu 2

  • Loaded nachos with ground beef, beans, cheese, pico de gallo, and guacamole
  • Beer battered onion rings with chipotle ranch
  • Soft flour tortillas and queso dip
  • Roasted brussels sprouts with parmesan and balsamic
  • Chocolate chip cookies

Nachos and onion rings make hearty, protein-packed snacks for soaking up full-bodied beers. The roasted brussels sprouts add nice charred flavors that complement porters. Chocolate chip cookies round out the menu on the sweet side.

Beer Snack Menu 3

  • Soft pretzel sticks with pickled jalapeños and beer cheese dip
  • Toasted pita chips with hummus and olive tapenade
  • Mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce
  • Cucumber slices with herbed goat cheese
  • Glazed pecan bars The pretzel sticks, mozzarella sticks, and pecan bars all provide salty flavors to balance sweeter beers like fruit wheats. The hummus, olive tapenade, and goat cheese offer bright flavors that cut through hoppy IPAs.

Beer Snack Menu 4

  • Bavarian soft pretzels with sweet mustard
  • Beer braised bratwurst sandwiches with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard
  • House made beer nuts with rosemary and smoked paprika
  • Soft herb flatbread with havarti cheese and ale soaked onions
  • Dark chocolate espresso brownies

Hearty sandwiches and appetizers make a filling snack menu. The brats, soft pretzels, and beer nuts complement malty lagers and bocks. The brownies provide richness to stand up to bold stouts.

Beer Snack Menu 5

  • House made pimento cheese served with sesame crackers
  • Roasted red pepper hummus with pita chips and crudité
  • Pretzel baguette slices with Irish cheddar and grainy mustard
  • Beer battered cod bites with tartar sauce
  • Blonde brownies with chocolate chips The hummus, pretzels, and fish bites include flavors that bring out hoppy notes in pale ales and IPAs. The pimento cheese and blonde brownies balance heavier beers like brown ales and porters.


Lager beer and snacks on stone table. Cracker, chips side view

What is the best cheese to eat with beer?

Sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, and semi-soft cheeses like havarti are excellent with beer. Their bold, salty flavors stand up well to hoppy and malty brews.

Should beer snacks be salty?

Yes, salty snacks pair very nicely with beer. The salt balances out the bitterness of hops while also making you thirsty for more sips. Nuts, pretzels, and chips make great salty beer snack choices.

What should you not eat with beer?

Avoid greasy or overly filling foods that can weigh down beer flavors. Spicy heat can also overpower more nuanced beer tastes. Light, crunchy, and salty snacks are best.

Is chocolate good with beer?

Surprisingly, chocolate desserts like brownies pair very nicely with rich, malty beers like stouts and porters. The slight bitterness helps cut through the sweetness.

Should beer snacks include protein?

Yes, having some protein is a great idea. Foods like cheese, nuts, and cured meats give staying power to balance alcohol absorption.


The best beer snacks have bold, intense flavors that can stand up to hoppy, malty brews. Salty, crunchy foods like pretzels, nuts, and fries make classic choices. Meat, cheese, and vegetable boards provide variety. Comfort foods like nachos and mozzarella sticks soak up alcohol. The key is serving snacks with lots of flavor and texture to complement your beer.

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