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4 Types Of Drunk Personalities

Last update: 2024-03-20

Drinking alcohol affects people in different ways. Some get sleepy, others get energetic. Similarly, personalities under the influence can range from happy and sociable to angry and depressed. Psychologists have identified 4 main "drunk personalities" that people tend to exhibit when intoxicated. These include:

The Happy Drunk

The happy drunk is the most common and enjoyable drunk personality. As the name suggests, happy drunks are exceptionally joyful and cheerful when intoxicated. Their euphoric state leads them to be more talkative, outgoing, laughing, and dynamic than usual. They love to dance, crack jokes, and socialize when drunk.

While happy drunks bring positive vibes to social settings, their diminished self-control can lead to sloppy drunken behavior. They may slur words, stumble around, laugh loudly, or say embarrassing things without a filter. Moderation is key for happy drunks to avoid potential mishaps.

Pros of Being a Happy Drunk

  • Uplifts social gatherings with cheer and amusement
  • Lowers inhibitions in a fun-loving way
  • Boosts confidence to be more social and conversational
    Waitress serving beer to man in bar

Cons of Being a Happy Drunk

  • Prone to excessive drunken behavior without self-control
  • May become too loud, silly or intrusive
  • Tendency to overshare personal details

Tips for Happy Drunks

  • Stay hydrated to avoid severe intoxication
  • Eat food to slow down alcohol absorption
  • Avoid settings where drunken behavior would be inappropriate
  • Appoint a trusted friend to monitor alcohol intake

The Angry Drunk

Angry drunks demonstrate a radical shift in behavior under the influence. They become belligerent, aggressive, mean-spirited, and confrontational. Small annoyances can set them off into a rage. Angry drunks are argumentative and look to pick fights over petty issues. They can become threatening and physically violent in extreme cases.

The mood swing arises because alcohol lowers inhibitions and impairs judgment. Pent-up anger and aggression are unleashed. While it's entertaining to watch in movies, dealing with an angry drunk in real life should be handled with care. Provoking them will only fuel their rage.

Pros of Being an Angry Drunk

  • Can unleash repressed emotions to deal with issues
  • May stand ground on beliefs with liquid confidence
    Drunk men fight in pubs, their friends try

Cons of Being an Angry Drunk

  • Puts self and others in harm's way due to aggression
  • Breeds toxic and abusive behavior
  • Damages relationships
  • Leads to regrettable mistakes

Tips for Angry Drunks

  • Avoid alcohol if unable to control anger
  • Count to 10 when aggravated before reacting
  • Think twice before speaking to prevent arguments
  • Have a trusted friend monitor behavior when drinking
  • Address anger issues with counseling

The Emotional Drunk

Emotional drunks are on a rollercoaster ride of feelings when intoxicated. Alcohol enhances their sensitivity and saddens them. One moment they are bursting with laughter, the next they are crying uncontrollably. Their mood may fluctuate rapidly between euphoria and despair.

Emotional drunks tend to overthink, spiral into depression, and reflect on regrets. They become more attached to people around them. However, their behavior can be exhausting for friends and partners to handle. Setting drink limits and staying positive can countermood swings.

Pros of Being an Emotional Drunk

  • Allows to express suppressed emotions
  • Can lead to open conversations about feelings
    Drink alone

    Cons of Being an Emotional Drunk

  • Mood swings are unpredictable and draining
  • May fixate on negative thoughts and memories
  • Makes a messy, dramatic scene in public

Tips for Emotional Drunks

  • Learn to self-regulate emotions when sober first
  • Avoid drinking when feeling low or depressed
  • Surround self with positive people when drinking
  • Distract self from negative thoughts
  • Find healthy outlets to talk about feelings

The Carefree Drunk

Carefree drunks have little self-control and awareness of their limits when drunk. They continue drinking excessively without a second thought. Their extreme tolerance for alcohol means they keep up with others drink for drink. However, they may blackout, engage in reckless behavior, and make poor decisions.

Carefree drunks are very impressionable under the influence. They follow others without considering consequences. Peer pressure can lead them to partake in drinking games, pranks, dares, and other hazardous activities. But they brush off these exploits as harmless fun.

Pros of Being a Carefree Drunk

  • Go with the flow attitude
  • Tend to be easy-going and flexible
    The group ecstatically enjoyed the party

Cons of Being a Carefree Drunk

  • Prone to alcohol poisoning and blackouts
  • Engage in dangerous and illegal behavior
  • May neglect health, duties, and responsibilities
  • Can become vulnerable targets to predators

Tips for Carefree Drunks

  • Set a drink limit and pace yourself
  • Avoid drinking on an empty stomach
  • Stay with trusted friends who can intervene
  • Evaluate behavior the next day to stay in check
  • Prioritize responsibilities before drinking sprees


In summary, the 4 common drunk personalities are the happy drunk, angry drunk, emotional drunk, and carefree drunk. Identifying one's own drunk personality can promote self-awareness about associated risks and helpful strategies. Being able to manage behavior and emotions effectively while intoxicated takes mindfulness, discipline, and responsibility. Drinking responsibly within limits and considering those around you is key to prevent harm.

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